49,6 Carat Black Opal GEM Green-Turquise-Blue

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solid black Opal  from Lightning Ridge/Australia


1 Beautyfull solid Lightning Ridge Investment Black GEM Opal

 Huge  Solid Australian  Black/Semiblack Opal  with bright gem Green/blue/turquise colorplay/pattern and dark Blue Colorplay on the back.  HUGE 49,6 carats!!!   Slightly carved surface eith high gloss polish. lease watch in real or the Video. Funny thing about this opal. The best colorplay will be seen when its bad weather outside with grey skies or rain. Blue - Green is so much better in low light than red/orange. .    Perfect for a setting as a Pendant. Pictures and Video is a bit too light .  

Freeform cut/Carving with high gloss polish


Gewicht: 49,6 Carat (total weight)

Abmessungen/Dimensions: 41,2 x 35,2 x 6,9 mm  (l x b x h)


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