46,3 Carat Black Opal GEM Green-Turquise-Blue

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solid black Opal  from Lightning Ridge/Australia


1 Beautyfull solid Lightning Ridge Investment Black/Semiblack GEM Opal

 Huge  Solid Australian  Black/Semiblack Opal  with bright gem Green/blue/turquise colorplay/pattern and dark Blue Colorplay on the back.  HUGE 46,3 carats!!!  Every "window" has its own Rolling Flash so its impossible to show them all at once in a picture. Please watch in real or the Video. Funny thing about this opal. The best colorplay will be seen when its bad weather outside with grey skies or rain. Blue - Green is so much better in low light than red/orange. . There are a few natural Inclusions on the back (good visible on the Pictures and Video.     Perfect for a setting as a Pendant. Pictures and Video is a bit too dark .  

Freeform cut/Carving with high gloss polish

Gewicht: 46,3 Carat (total weight)

Abmessungen/Dimensions: 42,5 x 26,1 x 8,0 mm  (l x b x h)


Dies ist ein SOLIDER OPAL!!/ This is a solid Opal! No doublett/triplett

Keine billigere Doublette oder triplette!!!


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