750/18K Gold Investment GEM Opal Pendant Brilliant Red-Gold

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solid white gem Opal in 18K Gold  pendant from coober pedy/Australia


Solid  boulder Opal pendant 

 One of my best White Opals i have ever cut. 17.1 carat olympic Field/Coober Pedy gem  Opal  set in heavy 18K yellow Gold (over 11 grams 18K Gold used)  by my Goldsmith .  brilliant  red-golden-orange-green- turquise blue golden  pattern/colorplay . This Opal was cut over 15 years ago.  !!   Picutres cant show the beautyfull color play.  .in real a much brighter colorplay.  .A unique BEAUTY!.   please watch die Pictures and Video carefully. (videos and pictures are a bit too light)   Best in Movement to show the  colorplay. Including a leather band or if you wish the steel collier.   

Opal: Gewicht/Weight: 17,1 carats 

Anhänger Gewicht: 14,7 Gramm (inkl. Opal)

Abmessungen/Dimensions Opal:  39,1 x 21,7 x 5,5 mm (l x b x h)

Abmessungen/Dimensions Anhänger:  48,8 x 25,4 x 62  mm (l x b x h)


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