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Beautyfull  solid Lightning Ridge GEM CLASS Black Opal 

 Absolutely unique colorplay. One of the best in Ebay offered Gem Black Opals.

 Very large Beautyfull Solid GEM Black Opal  with brilliant electric  green golden orange colorplay on the center (unfortunately the golden/orange colorplay is hardly visoble in the pictures and Video)   This colorplay is simply amazing and changes from electric green to golden/orange and little blue (not as much blue as the pictures show..its more green (see Video)  . HUGE 21,5 carats.  Surface is   carved and high gloss polished. It also has some black spots (see pictures).  Back has some natural inclusion and a sand pits (see pictures and Video) . Perfect for a setting as broche or Pendant. There are 2 more Opals free to come with this opal. They were cut from the same rough piece and would fit well as a set (see last picture, weight 5.4 carats together) But best to leave as a GEM CLASS INVESTMENT Black Opal  In real much more Details..  

Freeform cut with high gloss polish

Gewicht: 21,5 + 5,4 Carat (total weight)

Abmessungen/Dimensions: 37,06 x 29,7 x 6,5 mm  (l x b x h) jew max Abmessungen/max dimensions

+ 2 Extra opale siehe letztes Foto: 16 x 8,8 x 3,6mm + 13,9 x 11,2 x 2,3mm 


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