34,8ct. GEM Solid Black Opal Blue-Turquise Green Pattern!

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solid black  Opal from australia

  Beautyfull solid Lightning Ridge Black-  Opal

Huge 34,8 carat solid Lightning Ridge  Black  Opal  with   electric  blue/ turquoise- green pattern/colorplay   . (see video)  .Blaue Opals are almost impossible to show perfectly on pictures. often the colorplay appears too blue or too much green. Best is to watch the video.  . Unique, one of  kind opal. Video and Pictures are a bit too dark. . . THIS IS NO DOUBLET OR TRIPLET!! Its a solid Natural Opal!! .  Perfect Shape and Size for a pendant of for collectors

freeform cut with high gloss polish!


Ganze  34,8 CT(ca.)

Abmessungen: 49,8 x 25,6 x 5,5 mm (länge/breite/höhe)


(jew. max abmessungen)

m Lightning Ridge/Australia


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