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Museum size Solid White coober pedy Opal specimen  opal

    more than 750 carats!!!!!!!!!   Large  Museum size white gem opal with  Gem colored colorbar. i have polished only the top to show the Gem color veins.  One of a kind, gem Quality 14-Mile Field  Solid Opal specimen. back and sides are still in absolutely rough state/sandstone.  . theres are some cracks in the  colorbars(not so good visible in the pictures so please see the video for cracks) because of its huge size. tTherefore only sold as a specimen !! Unfortunately the colors in the pictures and video dont even come close to the real gem quality colorplay  . you wont be dissapointed.   Best in Movement to show the  colorplay.   




partly freeform cut with high gloss polish!/partly rough

Solider weißer Opal/Sammlerstück aus Coober pedy/Australien

 solid white Opal/specimen from coober pedy/Australia

Gewicht:/Weight: 758 carats ca.

Abmessungen/Dimensions:  108,38 x 61.77 x 33,06 mm


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