4,5 ct AUSTRALIAN GEM Opal Brilliant Gold-Orange-Green

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 solid GEM Opal from Lightning Ridge/Australia


Beautyfull  solid Lightning Ridge GEM solid Opal 

 4.5ct.  dark solid Lightning Ridge  Opal  with bright orange-golden-green  pattern/Colorplay. GREAT KIND OF PATTERN!!! Ideal for a pendant/ring . You have to hold this opal in your hands to see the fascinating colorplay. Surfece is slightly carved to show a better 3-dimensional colorplay. High gloss polished.  Perfect Shape and Size for a pendant of for collectors.  


freeform cut with high gloss polish!




GEWICHT: 4,5 carats   


Anhänger Stein:  22,51 x 8,62 x 3,85  mm

(l x b x h) max Abmessungen


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